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Hands with Dirt
Who pays for Land Talk?

Landtalk started because a few volunteers wanted to make a site to share real stories about changes in weather and land. The cost of creating this site is minimal, because volunteers collect, produce and share stories.

Who makes Land Talk?

This map is made by observers, usually older people, who are sharing their experiences about changes they have seen in a place where they live, work, farm, garden: a place they have observed for a long time.

The site was set up to encourage younger and older people to talk together, and find out what the older people know.

It is maintained by Deborah Gordon and Greg Niemeyer. For more information, please write to landtalk [at] googlegroups [dot] com.

Special thanks to the Brown Institute for Media Innovation, and to Sibyl Diver, George Hilley, Petra Diekes-Thrun, Stace Maples and Jennifer Lu for their help with project development.

LAND TALK is made by the individual content providers and is hosted at Stanford University, with a Creative Commmons CC BY-NC 3.0 US license , 2017.