Land Talk collects and presents conversations with observers about changes over time in places they know well. The observers are usually older people who describe changes in a place they have observed for a long time. Volunteers submit audio and/or video of their conversation with an observer, along with writing about the themes discussed during the conversation, and photographs or drawings of the changes through time.

A few volunteers started Land Talk to make a site for people to share their stories about changes in a place they know well and have observed for a long time. Key contributors to date include Deborah Gordon (who developed the original concept for the site), Erik Steiner, Greg Niemeyer, Cody Leff, Sibyl Diver, George Hilley, Petra Diekes-Thrun, Stace Maples and Jennifer Lu. Special thanks to the Brown Institute for Media Innovation and the Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis (CESTA) for their help with project development.


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