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Who makes Land Talk?

Four groups of people make Land Talk happen:

  • Observers: People who have known a place for a long time and can say how it changed.
  • Interviewers: People who find Observers, ask the questions about a place the Observers care about and how it changed, and record the Observer's answers, using video if possible.
  • Stewards: People who help Interviewers collect stories and post them to the Land Talk website.
  • Hosts: People who help Stewards and make sure the website is up and running so we can all talk about the land together.
  • Why is my video not showing up?

    Your video will only show up if you post the "embed" link from YouTube on landtalk.

    To get the "embed" link from YouTube, please click on the "share" button under your video and select the embed tab. The embed address is everything between the quotes after the src= attribute. It will look like "".

    How do I convert Latitudes and Longitudes from degrees to decimal?

    Land Talk works with Latitudes and Longitudes in the decimal format only. You can convert from degrees to decimal at this website:

    How does Land Talk decide to post a video on the map or not?

    Land Talk will host any entry that meets all the following standards, as determined by the Stewards:

  • The entry has all the information the "add" form asked for.
  • The entry describes experiences about the land and the weather, today and in the past.
  • The entry is free of promotions for products or organizations.
  • The entry meets PG-13 standards for language and decency.
  • How do I make a good video for landtalk?

    You can use your phone to make the video, but be sure to record it in a very quiet place without wind or background noise. You’re most likely to hear good stories by asking open-ended questions that start with who, what, when, where, why, and how. Ask follow up questions about things that sound unusual.

    You can also record the audio and the video separately, and edit the two together in youtube. If your observer feels uncomfortable being filmed, recording just the audio is often a great solution. You can record a video of the location your observer is talking about separately.

    Where do I ask a question about landtalk?

    You can reach the hosts at with any questions.

    LAND TALK is made by the individual content providers and is hosted at Stanford University, with a Creative Commmons CC BY-NC 3.0 US license , 2017.